Believe it or not tea is actually the beverage of choice for most people around the world, and it is the second most favorite drink after water. With detox tea becoming more and more popular, you can be sure that drinking it is not something that will phase out anytime soon.

At the moment, one type of tea has captured the world’s attention due to the link it has with weight loss. Detox tea, also referred to as “teatox” is considered a great way through which folks can lose weight without too much input on their part.

What Does Detox Tea Have to Do with Losing Weight

If you have tried everything under the sun and haven’t experienced the weight changes you desire, then it might be time to reconsider your options. It is possible that you may not know that drinking some detox tea every now and then can work wonders in helping you reach your goals.

By now, you know that shedding off pounds requires a major change in eating habits so that you can regulate the amount of calorie intake so that stored fat can be used up for energy. Most of the drinks available in the market are packed with so many calories that drinking one a day is enough calorie content for a week. This is not true for detox tea because it does not contain calories, so you can sip away guilt-free, knowing that you never have to go hungry because of the awesome hunger suppressant qualities in detox tea.

More importantly, is that a system full of toxins is of little help when it comes to fat burning. When your metabolism is low, the success rates for burning fat are also low. As a result, the time taken to see results might be longer, which in turn may dampen your morale.

So what can you do? That’s right, drink detox tea.

How Detox Tea Removes Toxins

Detox tea is simply a blend of green tea and different herbs, each with its own unique properties that further enhances the effectiveness of this divine beverage. Green tea is full of Polyphenols that support the body’s natural detoxification system. It contains antioxidants that are responsible for ridding the body of free radicals that may pose a threat to healthy cells.

These properties additionally help to oxidize fat faster as well as increase the body’s metabolic rates. In addition, below are a number of health benefits you are bound to experience when you regularly consume tea:

  • Prevention of the development of various cancers


  • Promotion of cardiovascular health


  • Lowers bad cholesterol levels


  • Improves digestive health


  • Offers relief to arthritis patients


  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels


  • Supports liver functions


  • Reduces the risk of diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer’s

Some of the herbs used to make green tea more potent include; rosemary, chamomile, ginger, hibiscus, rooibos, lemongrass, ginger, and dandelion among others. A detox tea is a blend of one or more of these herbs so reach out for a cup and indulge your taste buds.

How to Drink Detox Tea

Just like all successful processes, a regimen must be followed to see results. This case is no different, and it is of utmost importance to point out that a detox tea on its own cannot do much. You will be required to also eat foods that will boost the benefits of detox tea, instead of foods that will slow down its effectiveness.

For example, you may want to rule out processed foods, fatty foods, and sugary food items, from your daily diet, as they may dampen the efforts of detoxification.

To further boost the work it does in the body, stick to drinking detox tea at regular intervals like in the morning and evening as this familiarizes the body to these changes. Detox tea in the morning helps to revitalize you for the day while a cup in the evening after a good hearty meal can help you calm down so that you able to sleep better.


Even if you are not looking to lose any weight, detox tea can also be helpful in maintaining your weight. By sticking to the right varieties, you are sure to find something fitting to your tastes.

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