Falsies Are Frightening – Unless They Have Magnets! 

I’ve always lusted after long, luscious eyelashes. I think it all started from looking at photos of my mom in the 1970s and seeing how gorgeous her peepers always looked. Her secret, she said, were the false eyelashes she wore absolutely everywhere.

In my teens, I set about trying to recreate her look before heading off to my high school dance one night. I’d bought a pair from my local pharmacy and excitedly set out to apply them. I was going to make an impact and impress that guy I was crushing on. 

Well, the glue made an impact – sticking together my lashes, my hands, and my eyelids. This foray, needless to say, very quickly ended in tears. My mom expertly tried to fix things but those falsies were a disaster that even she couldn’t save.

For years after, I determined to get better with falsies. I’d forget about them for a while, then some special event would arise and I figured I’d try “just once more.” But always with the same result.

In my 20s I turned to my roommate for help – a girl who constantly paraded around in perfectly glued-on lashes and who I determined must be some kind of freak to be able to wield such control over those little demons. She effortlessly applied them for me one night and I was over the moon. But each time I tried again, I was back in my own private hell.

Then one day I heard about the wonders of lash extensions and I was in. No question. I was getting these babies on permanently. For those who haven’t heard, lash extensions are professionally applied, lash by lash, and last for weeks at a time. I wouldn’t need to do a thing, so naturally, I was sold. They really were everything that I imagined. For the first few weeks I was obsessed with looking at myself in the mirror, long eyelashes batting back at me.

But the thing about lash extensions, that I never gave much thought to, is their impermanence. An impermanence that leads to exorbitant costs. At least on my income.

Lash extensions gradually fall out over time and in order to keep them looking full you need to get them redone around every 3 – 4 weeks. Each time you do this it costs around $60. Now, taking away the initial cost (almost $200!) that’s over $700 a year on maintaining eyelashes!

It didn’t take long for the struggle to set in and even though I fought to find a way to afford them, it just wasn’t feasible on my paycheck. I could have rent and food or I could have pretty lashes. I would have chosen the lashes if I could have …

But recently, I happened to be trawlin’ the web and saw that Allure magazine crowned a company called One Two Cosmetics with a Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product award for their groundbreaking false eyelash technology. They had designed magnetic false eyelashes – 100% glue-free! What the…? I was intrigued.

I sought out the One Two Cosmetics website and immediately bought my first pair of One Two Lash. There was really no thought process involved. I had to have these lashes! I had earned these lashes.

one two cosmetics full eyelashes

The original One Two Lash design were really half-lashes. They boosted the outer half of your lashes while blending in with your inner lashes. And, amazingly, they worked! They basically just “sandwich” your natural top lash between two magnetic lash strips.  

I’ve been wearing these lashes everywhere and I constantly get told that I have gorgeous lashes. BUT just this month, One Two Cosmetics launched a brand-new product called One Two Lash: Full-Coverage and these ones have me even more gaga.

Let me tell you all about my newest obsession: 

  • One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes still retain the “sandwich” concept of the original design but are now made up of 3 individual pieces. The top lash is one long lash strip that sits over your entire natural top lash. The bottom lash consists of two smaller strips that will go under your natural top lash. Then, they all click together.
  • One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes come with a complimentary magnetic applicator. It’s a very cool little tool that literally holds the lashes for you and then, with one squeeze, literally applies them for you. I definitely needed this! My original lashes did take some practice in getting the magnets lined up. 
  • The full-coverage lash adds more length and volume creating an even more glamorous look. 
  • They’re available in four styles: Original: Subtle and casual; Enhanced: A wee bit more dramatic; Bold: Extra long and full; and Extra Bold: Maximum va-va voom! 
  • They come in the trademark One Two Cosmetics little, black magnetic case that holds each lash firmly in place.  
  • One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes are 100% reusable. Just make sure to clean them gently with a tissue after each use and keep from applying mascara directly to them. To remove GENTLY push the magnets away from each other and they’ll just pop off. 
  • They stay put! I’ve spent hours dancing and sweating in all of my One Two Lash products and they don’t budge. 

For such an innovative product the price is actually great value for money. You can get a set of One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes on their website for just $69. Which would be expensive if they weren’t reusable – but you can reuse these lashes over and over. To put that into perspective: that’s the cost of an average month of extension refills. So this girl is as happy as a pig in mud! A pig with glorious, sexy, full-coverage eyelashes. 

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