There are tons of products out there that claim to work like magic and help you get rid of stubborn fat, but do these products actually work? There are no guarantees because most are filled with nothing but chemicals which add to the existing toxin load in our bodies. So how can one get rid of belly fat without further harming their bodies? Today, we take a look at some natural methods that have proven over the years to be quite effective one of which, is detox tea.

Natural Ways of Losing Fat

This can be achieved by eating the right way and doing exercises that target this particular fat. Some of the foods you need to introduce in your diet include:

Proteins: Insulin resistance can promote fat storage, especially around your belly, and as you age, its efficacy reduces. To boost insulin’s performance, a diet rich in protein is ideal as it helps your muscle and fat cells to respond appropriately to fat. Make sure your detox tea has some form of good plant-based protein.

Vinegar: Whether as a salad dressing or as an ingredient in your favorite dish, vinegar has been given a nod of approval by experts who believe in its ability to reduce the amount of visceral fat in the body.

Good Sleep: When you deny your body adequate sleep, you deny yourself the opportunity of benefiting from a deserved system repair session, especially at night. To avoid this, stick to a regular sleep routine and sneak in more hours so you can get the rest you need. When you use detox tea before bed, it relaxes your body making sure you’re getting a good nights sleep.

These exercises are highly effective in reducing and keeping at bay any stubborn fat.

Exercise: You stand a better chance of losing fat by being more active and doing stuff yourself instead of relying on machines or people to do it for you. The results are subtle, but by walking up the stairs frequently, taking strolls and even playing with your children, you can be certain that the results will start to show. Paired with a great exercise routine a detox tea can take your workout to the next level.

Aerobic Exercises: swimming, running, jogging, cycling or hiking are intense exercises that inevitably cause a rise in your heart rate, which in turn helps your body to burn energy from stored fat.

More importantly is what you do together with the above practices, and adding detox tea to your diet is a sure way of boosting your chances immensely.

Detox tea varieties that get rid of stubborn fat

  1. Yogi Detox Tea: If you are looking for a detox tea that’s free of caffeine, then this is the best you can find. This brand removes the need to have two different varieties for use in the morning and evening because you do not have to worry about losing sleep when you drink it after dinner.

It is packed with quite a blend of ingredients which include the following: 


  • Dandelion


  • Indian Sarsaparilla root


  • OrganicBurdock root 


  • Organic Cinnamon bark


  • OrganicLicorice root 


  • Black pepper


  • Organicginger root 


  • Juniper berry extract

Drinking this tea helps in cleaning the kidneys and liver, relieving pre-menstrual symptoms, bloating and reducing stubborn fat.

2. 310 Tea

When you feel sluggish in the morning or not relaxed enough to get some shut-eye, you can count on detox tea to work wonders and revitalize or calm your body so that you can do what you need to. This tea works by suppressing your appetite and boosting your body’s metabolism so that it is capable of removing toxic waste and burning fat. It contains the following compounds: 


  • Guarana


  • Pomegranate


  • Yerba mate


  • Organic green tea


  • Ginger


  • Oolong


  • Cornflower


3. Bae Tea

If you are a victim of bloating then you have something to smile about when you make this teatox part of your diet. It works well after meals to relieve any bloats and digestive disorders. In addition to that, it helps calm your body down even as it works to rid it of the excess water in your body. If you can’t stand bland tastes, you can always rely on stevia to help satisfy your sweet tooth. Its effectiveness can be attributed to the following components: 


  • Organichoneybush


  • orangejuice 


  • citric acid


  • stevia leaf


  • vanilla powder


  • Chamomile flower


  • Ginkgoleaf 


  • Mistletoe


  • Nettle leaf


  • St. John’s Wort


When shopping for detox tea, you want to find out its effectiveness as well as possible side effects before making a purchase decision. A little knowledge on the blend of ingredients contained in each pack can prove to be extremely helpful in making you understand how the tea works.

Natural detoxification methods are inexpensive ways which can be significant in realizing your health and weight loss goals. So do yourself a favor and start having frequent tea time sessions alone and with friends, because the health benefits are just endless.

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