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It continues to be a very exciting summer at Manchester United, with plenty of topics to discuss. What offseason, right?

So let’s take a spin through the latest news and notes items making the rounds on the internet today.

Paul Pogba has shown just how important he is to France this World Cup, and United supporters are very delighted by what they have seen from the midfielder in Russia this summer. Pogba became the first United player to qualify for the World Cup final four with France earlier today (Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini would reach the semifinals with Belgium later).

However, Pogba found himself in a situation that could have easily led to his having to miss that semifinal. Pogba, who has one  yellow card already this tournament, was in situation today that put him in danger of picking up a second yellow and thus a match ban for the next round.

France’s Kylian Mbappe and Uruguay’s Christian Rodriguez were both shown yellow for an incident after Les Bleus’ Antoine Griezmann made the score 2-0. Multiple players from both sides got into a fracas, and France manager Didier Deschamps took Pogba aside, and gave him a calming talking to.

Deschamps was happy that Pogba stayed cool, and didn’t lose control of his temper by getting caught up in the r0w.

“Regarding Paul, well things got a bit hot, and bearing in mind that he did have a yellow card, I didn’t want him to lose his temper and to get a booking for nothing much,” Deschamps told the media after the match.

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“That’s what I told all the players. If we qualify and they get yellow cards…not even for fouls but because of their gestures, because of their attitude, because of certain words that were said, that’s completely unnecessary.”

“You can talk to the referee but you can’t be provocative and you can’t fall for the provocation of your rivals. I definitely didn’t want him to get another booking.”

-There is a friendly wager between former Manchester United players/global individual brands David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic on tomorrow’s England-Sweden World Cup quarterfinal match.

If Beckham’s England win and move on to the semis, then Ibrahimovic must come to a future England game “wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish & chips at half time.”

If Ibra’s Swedes emerge triumphant, then Beckham must buy Ibrahimovic furniture for his new Los Angeles area mansion.

zlatan ibrahimovic

-Finally, Diogo Dalot, United’s second signing of the summer transfer window, is wasting no time in trying to make his mark on his new team. Dalot has been hitting it hard in rehabbing for the coming preseason. He’s showing a very strong work ethic, as seeks to earn his place in the first team.

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