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France won their second ever World Cup today, by a score of 4-2 over Croatia in the final and it was Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba who ended up scoring the game winning goal. It was the perfect way to cap off what was a phenomenal tournament for Pogba, who came into the competition saying that he had ambitions of bossing the World Cup.

He did just that and his form has both quieted his seemingly never ending train of critics, and elicited praise far and wide. Overall, it makes United supporters wonder if he can carry this top class form into the 2018-19 season for United.


Is it the fact that he’s paired alongside N’Golo Kante, and the Chelsea man works better with him than Nemanja Matic does at United? Is it that Didier Deschamps better understands the proper way to utilize Pogba more so than Jose Mourinho? Is it a motivational issue with Pogba?

I guess we’ll find out once the league fixtures start next month. Here is the footage of the Pogba goal below. Watch and enjoy, as it is a thing of beauty:

Pogba’s goal came in the 59′ to put France up 3-1. Kylian Mbappe scored six minutes later to make it 4-1, but then we saw a Hugo Lloris meet Loris Karius moment. The France number one gifted a goal to Mario Mandzukic that was reminiscent of the Liverpool keeper’s horrific blunder in the Champions League final.

France won, and here some of the more interesting and entertaining Pogba takes out there from the United community on Twitter.


By the numbers


My heart

More shade thrown at Graeme Souness

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