There are myriads floor covering options available on the market today. As a result, homeowners find it tough to decide on what type of flooring they’ll incorporate in their homes. The most common dilemma for homeowners is whether they should use hardwood or carpet flooring.  

While every type of flooring has its own pros and cons, carpet flooring offers several distinct benefits, especially if you compare them to hard surfaces. Below are the top reasons why carpet flooring is your best option.

Despite hard surfaces taking up lots of pages in lifestyle magazines, carpet flooring has a style of its own. Whether it is casual and comfy or luxurious and elegant, carpet flooring will definitely give your home a different feel. You don’t even have to change the décor within the space. If you lay carpet on your floor, it’ll instantly exude the type of vibe you are trying to create. Consider a patterned, short-pile carpet for formal rooms. For more casual spaces, a long frieze will do the trick.

If you’ve had a floor that is made of concrete or ceramic tiles, then you know perfectly well that your body becomes sore and achy after standing or walking on the surface for a long period of time. Hard surfaces do not offer flexibility underfoot; therefore, they are not capable of acting as shock absorbers that are needed for your footsteps. Basically, this means that every single time you walk on a hard surface, your body takes a jolt at each step that you take because the impact is absorbed fully by your body instead of the floor.

In addition to being better to walk, lay, or sit on, carpet flooring provides shock absorption due to its cushioning and flexibility. So, carpet from Carpet Indianapolis is not just more comfortable, it’s also good for the body especially if you spend lots of time walking or standing on it.

Carpet flooring provides great insulation value to your home when compared to any hard flooring material. A thicker carpet, according to studies, provides a higher R-value or insulation factor regardless of the type of fiber that is used for the carpet. What’s more, the under-pad of a carpet has its very own R-value. Carpet Indianapolis has the carpets and under-pads you need for the best floor insulation.

Reducing heat loss would ultimately mean that a carpet flooring in your home will help you save hundreds of dollars on your monthly heating costs. For regions that have colder winters, the savings can easily multiply.

Sound reaches a longer distance when there’s no carpet in place. At some point, you’ve probably been inside a room where there’s no carpet and noticed that sound bounces off the walls, creating an echo within the space. This is normal because hard surfaces don’t absorb sound like soft surfaces do. As a result, carpet flooring will contribute greatly to your goal of having a more peaceful environment within your home.

Air Quality
Environmental and flooring experts have recently conducted multiple studies and they’ve shown that a carpet flooring that’s well-maintained can increase a room’s air quality. This is because carpets have the ability to trap dust and allergens. If you choose to incorporate a carpet in your home, just make sure that you clean and vacuum regularly for better air quality.

All products, including carpet flooring, have different price points and qualities which means there’s no particular type of flooring that’s guaranteed to be cheaper than any other material. However, generally speaking, carpet costs much less in comparison to hard surface floors. And Carpet Indianapolis offers some of the best prices on the carpet and flooring materials that you’re looking for.

A lot of hard flooring products like vinyl flooring and solid hardwood would require special preparation prior to the installation process. There are specific subfloor requirements that have to be met. Also, the existing flooring has to be coated before the installation can begin. Carpet flooring, on the other hand, eliminates these concerns. Carpets can be installed on top of subfloors and with less stringent requirements. Therefore, you will be able to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Additionally, the carpet itself is less expensive than any other flooring material like hardwood. While there are myriads of exceptions to rules, a carpet is generally a whole lot more cost effective than a hard surface flooring. 

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